A White Christmas


  • Santa: HO-HO-HO
  • Gardner: HOE, PLOW, HOE
  • White: (sung) I’m dreaming of a White Christmas


It’s easy to fall into a routine and forget to change it. That’s just what had happened to Santa’s Christmas deliveries—every year was the same. That was good enough for him. But Mrs. Santa’s gardener (who was very bored) got tired of it one year and decided he was going to make a few changes.

“This year we’re going to have a Christmas theme—just like Cub Scout meetings!” he announced one morning in early October. “And I’m in charge. I’ll plow right into this today!” he said.

Now Santa’s a jolly old fella and he likes people to be happy. So he decided to let the gardener do his thing. After all, what harm could it do?

The gardener started planting his ideas right away. “Things are going to be different this year,” said the gardener gleefully. “People are getting tired of the same old thing.”

The gardener tried to gather ideas from the elves, but they weren’t much help. And he didn’t know how to talk to reindeer. Mrs. Santa and Santa were too busy to share ideas. “That’s alright,” thought the gardener to himself. “I can be creative when I need to be.”

Late one night, just before Thanksgiving, he burst into Santa’s cottage. “I’ve got it!” shouted the gardener, excitedly. “I’ve got it!” Santa and Mrs. Santa looked up politely.


“We’ll have a White Christmas this year. A very White Christmas. A very, very White Christmas. You’ll love it!” And the gardener left without another word.

Santa looked at Mrs. Claus. “It’ll be alright my dear,” he said.

The next morning the gardener was up bright and early working on his plan. He painted the sled white. He bleached Santa’s outfit white. And he dyed his toy sack white. The gardener even spray painted the reindeer, their antlers and the reins white.

Every day he worked on his plan, always looking for the white in things! When the elves started wrapping presents in the usual colorful wrapping paper, he stopped them, horrified. “No!” shouted the gardener. “Only white paper will do!”

And he gave them white paper to use for their gift wrapping. “This is going to be a very, very, very White Christmas, “ he said.

It was seemed innocent enough. When one of the elves complained, Santa smiled kindly. ”Oh what does it hurt?” he asked.

But that was before Christmas Eve. On December 24th, Santa couldn’t find his sleigh, camouflaged in the snow. And when he finally took off, the weather was very bad. It was nearly impossible for the reindeer to fly straight so Santa had to make an emergency landing.

But because everything was white, no one could find Santa and his team of white in the blizzard conditions. Finally, the elfin rescue party found Santa two days later, using sled dogs to sniff them out!

Christmas didn’t come until December 29th that year. And then it was a very red Christmas. Santa had seen to that! In fact, there has never been a themed Christmas since then. We’ll leave that to the Cub Scouts!

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