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Radio Skit

Materials: Sheet Radio with dials Microphone Setup: Hang sheet to hide scouts playing “radio voices” 1 scout sits in front of the radio This scout must know the script very well and turn the dial at each break in the … Continue reading

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Morning Paper

Materials: Roll of toilet paper Shoulder bag Directions: Have someone come walking onto the stage with a newspaper shoulder bag. He/she is yelling, “Paper! Paper! Get your morning paper!” The “straight man” says, “Sure. I’ll take one.” The newsie reaches into the bag … Continue reading

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Hear Ye! – Hear Ye!

Scout is dressed in colonial outfit befitting the town crier. Walks to front of pack assembly with old school bell (or other) and scroll. He rings the bell to draw everyone’s attention. Unrolls the scroll and reads: “By decree of the Continental Congress on … Continue reading

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