Did You See That?

Stanley (in a strong European accent) “Hello there, I am Arthur Stanley Livingstone, the world famous ornithoptitologist! (That means I watch birds, you know.) And this is my nephew and assistant, Todd. Say hello Todd.”

Todd (not really paying attention) “H’lo”

Stanley “We are here today on location in the midst of the African rain forest, and we should see some very rare birds indeed! I can hardly contain myself. Right Todd?

Todd: “Oh. Uh, yeah.”

Stanley: slowly, carefully stalks along, looking around, listening for the slightest peep. Todd shuffles after him. Stanley, turning around, staring with wide open eyes for a second, then jumping up and down “Did you see that! Did you see that!”

Todd: “Er, what”

Stanley: “You mean you missed it?”

Todd pauses a second, then admits it “uh, yeah”

Stanley: “Well! My word, Todd, that was a very rare bird, the Oohweeoo-plit-plit-plit-awaah. And you missed it. It’s named after it’s call, you know.”

Todd: “Mmm, what’s it sound like?”

Stanley: (after a suspenseful pause) “peep!” Stanley continues his slow stalking and looking around, Todd follows after him.

Stanley: stopping and looking up wide-eyed. Todd actually walks into him. “Did you see that! Did you see that!”

Todd: “Er, um, well”

Stanley: somewhat cross “Well?”

Todd: “No.”

Stanley: after a long sigh “Now that, my dear boy, was an Ooh-aah bird. Have you heard of the ooh-aah bird?”

Todd: “No”

Stanley: “The Ooh-ahh bird, Todd, is a three-pound bird that lays a four-pound egg.” Pantomiming the egg-laying process “Oooooooooooh .. ahhhhhhhhhh!!!”

(Stanley and Todd continue their pacing about the stage)

Stanley turning around and yelling at Todd “Did you see that! Did you see that!”

Todd (deciding to be clever) “Er, um, ah, yes! Yes, I did see that!”

Stanley: “Then why in the blazes did you step in it?”

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