Elective/Achievement Bingo

To help some of the parents with doing some of the home achievements and electives, our den made “bingo sheets”. At the time we were wolves, so it was wolf bingo.

In each box, there was electives and achievements that were needed to be done. When the scout did them they could stamp, color in, or cross out the box.

Every month the scouts would bring in their bingo sheet.  The one that had the most “bingos” got a prize from our treasure box. Often times we would have many scouts do the whole page to get the prizes.

You don’t have to stick with only achievements and electives.  Add character building things as well. (Ex: Say something nice to your teacher, do your homework without complaining, help your family by picking up your toys in living room, take care of your pet… etc.) It also helps the parents to know what to mark off in the cub scouts books and every scout had at least a gold arrow by the end of the year but most have more.

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