Happy Birthday Skit

Five Cub Scouts plus one small Cub Scout

A “birthday cake” large enough for the small boy to hide inside.

Cub 1: Well, here we are. But where is Ed?
Cub 2: I don’t know. It’s just like Ed to invite us over for the surprise party and then not be here.
Cub 3: Does anyone know whose birthday we’re celebrating?
Cub 4: It isn’t mine. Mine’s in April.
Cub 5: Who cares?
Cub 4: I do! Besides, now that you know when it is, you can save your money and buy me a super present.
Cub 1: Boy! Will you look at that cake?
Cub 2: Man that’s big enough to feed an army.
Cub 3: Not with Jack around. You know how he is with snacks.
Cub 4: I can’t help it. I’m just a growing boy, just like the Law of the Pack says we should.
Cub 5: Yeah, but we’re to grow up, not out.
Cub 1: Look, here’s a note.
Cub 2: Read it. Maybe it will explain what this is all about.
Cub 1: Okay, okay! (Reads from note) We’re a gang that’s really true, Here to celebrate our Gold and Blue. Our organization rates an “A” plus, So let’s all sing
Small Cub: (Jumps out of cake and yells) Happy Birthday to us!

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