Hear Ye! – Hear Ye!

Scout is dressed in colonial outfit befitting the town crier. Walks to front of pack assembly with old school bell (or other) and scroll. He rings the bell to draw everyone’s attention. Unrolls the scroll and reads:

“By decree of the Continental Congress on this ___ day of November in the year ___, this Pack ___ assembly is now in session. All rise for the presentation of the flags.”

[Den assigned to Opening parades in with flag(s) — flag bearers flanked by color guards to positions in front of group.]

Town crier continues:

As Americans, we have freedoms and responsibilities. Our founding fathers described these in the Constitution of the United States and in the Bill of Rights. One of those freedoms—or rights—is the Right to Free Press. This means that our Government cannot keep us from saying and writing what we want. But with this freedom comes a responsibility—we must be responsible for what we say and write. We cannot tell lies about people or events. We cannot write and publish information without making sure that it is true. It is a balance that we must keep level. With every freedom comes a responsibility.

Let us all join together in saluting our flag—the
symbol of our country, the freedoms in which we
believe, and the responsibilities by which we live.”

Leader then begins the Pledge of Allegiance. At the end of the pledge, the Leader says “To” and the meeting is under way!

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