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Baden-Powell Had A Vision Skit

Personnel: Narrator Cubmaster Script: Narrators: Baden Powell had a vision, That he made come true, So now we can enjoy Scouting, And have fun while we do. While he wasn’t an American, He’s become famous to us, Earning though America, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Skit

Personnel: Five Cub Scouts plus one small Cub Scout Equipment: A “birthday cake” large enough for the small boy to hide inside. Dialog: Cub 1: Well, here we are. But where is Ed? Cub 2: I don’t know. It’s just … Continue reading

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The Banquet Audience Participation Skit

Actions: Banquet: Rub tummy and say “Let’s Eat!” Cub Scouts: Jump up and down and say “Yipeee!” Den Leaders: Put hands on sides of head and say “Oh, dear, not again!” Committee Chair: Raise hand to ceiling and say “Thank … Continue reading

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Blue and Gold Banquet Welcome

Personnel: Eight Cub Scouts to say each line Cub 1: We’d truly like to welcome you. To our banquet of gold and blue Cub 2: The food is great, the program grand And everyone lent a hand Cub 3: We’re … Continue reading

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