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The Indian Hunter

Directions: Divide the group into eight sections and assign a character to each. As each character is mentioned in the story, the assigned group stands up, yells out their lines, then sits down. Characters: Chief: “Me empty” Brave: “Ki-Yi” Pony: … Continue reading

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Sports Matching

See how many terms you can match the game it belongs to: Terms: Spare Shell Shuttlecock Fairway Slalom Double fault Eight-ball Chukker Clay pigeon Technical K.O. Jump Shot Puck Double Play Field Goal Headlock Casting Quiver Jack-Knife Oar Figure Eight … Continue reading

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Have You Ever Been to Day Camp?

Tune: Have You Ever Seen a Lassie? Lyrics: Have you ever been to day camp, to day camp, to day camp? Have you ever been to day camp, where camping is fun? There‚Äôs BB guns and archery, and crafts to … Continue reading

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Time Flies When You Are Having Fruit

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.

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