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Audience Birthday Cheer

Have groups gather by birthday month. Give them 60 seconds to come up with a cheer for their month. Then┬ácall out the months, one by one. As their month is called, they give their cheer. (If a few months have … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Brand New Scout

The Scout Law is a lengthy one-sometimes it’s hard to keep, But if you take it step by step-the climb won’t seem so steep! Trustworthiness comes first of all-that’s always good to know, And loyalty comes next in line-be proud-and … Continue reading

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Scouting’s Birthday Opening

This month we celebrate Scouting’s (formula is CURRENT YEAR minus 1930) birthday in the United States. Everywhere Scouts are taking time to listen to the story of Scouting and to rededicate themselves to the aims and purposes of our movement. … Continue reading

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The First Scout Skit

Props: A “skin” with a charcoal drawing of the Arrow of Light. (Use a crumpled paper bag for the skin and black marker to draw the AOL.) The interviewer should look the part of an old Scouter (the more like … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Skit

Personnel: Five Cub Scouts plus one small Cub Scout Equipment: A “birthday cake” large enough for the small boy to hide inside. Dialog: Cub 1: Well, here we are. But where is Ed? Cub 2: I don’t know. It’s just … Continue reading

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The Surprise Party

Actions: Cake: “Yum Yum” Candles: “Ooooooo” Ice Cream: “Burrr” Invitations: “Y’all come!” Decorations: “Beeeeeautiful” Party: “Whoopieeee” Scouting: Everyone applaud Story: There was excitement in the air when Mrs. Brown announced that there was going to be a surprise Party. She … Continue reading

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