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The Indian Hunter

Directions: Divide the group into eight sections and assign a character to each. As each character is mentioned in the story, the assigned group stands up, yells out their lines, then sits down. Characters: Chief: “Me empty” Brave: “Ki-Yi” Pony: … Continue reading

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A Camper’s Ten Commandments

Thou shalt do thy share and more; Thou shalt keep thy sense of humor; Thou shalt do thy camp duties to the best of thy ability; Thou shalt not cry over burnt food; Thou shalt treat other people as you … Continue reading

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I was dreaming of a campfire

Tune: I’ve Been Working on the Railroad Lyrics: I was dreaming of a campfire Burning clear and bright; Glistening stars were out above me, ‘Twas on a summer’s night. I was dreaming that my comrades All were camping, too; Then … Continue reading

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Good Soup

Materials: A large pot Several spoons A floor mop A chef’s hat (optional) Announcer: This scene takes place in the camp Dining Hall. (Several boys are seated around a large pot, sampling the imaginary contents with the spoons.) Cub 1: Boy, … Continue reading

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Confused Ant

Q: Why is the little ant always confused? A: Because all his uncles are ants.

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Steps to Build a Campfire

Split dead limb into fragments and shave one fragment into slivers. Bandage left thumb. Chop other fragments into smaller fragments. Bandage left foot. Make a structure of slivers (including those embedded in the hand). Light match. Light match. Repeat “A … Continue reading

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