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Have You Ever Been to Day Camp?

Tune: Have You Ever Seen a Lassie? Lyrics: Have you ever been to day camp, to day camp, to day camp? Have you ever been to day camp, where camping is fun? There‚Äôs BB guns and archery, and crafts to … Continue reading

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The Blue and the Gold

Scouting was started by Lord Baden Powell of yore To teach young boys hunting and tracking lore. Our boys learn to have pride in all that they do Whether it be daily activities, crafts, or what have you. So wear … Continue reading

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Top 10 Reasons I’m a Scouter

My garage was empty and needed remodeling anyway. I get to wear a cool uniform with a neat hat. I like the smell of calamine lotion. I enjoy going to the bathroom in the woods. I’m in it for the … Continue reading

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You just might be a Cubmaster if

You just might be a Cubmaster if: You have holes in the pockets of your jeans from carrying a pocket knife. You spontaneously break into strange songs in public. You can stare at a spider web for an hour, and … Continue reading

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