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Future Careers

Props: A large box that Cubs can step into and out of; decorate front with knobs and dials. Script: Cub #1: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the fantastic, terrific magic future machine. By entering this machine you will know your … Continue reading

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A Cub Scout Recipe

Props: Pack Flag or copy of it Table Chef outfit for each boy (aprons, hats, etc) A printout for each ingredient Soup Pot Setting: Cub Scouts dressed in their chef outfits (aprons, chef hats, etc) working at a kitchen table … Continue reading

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Recipe for Fun Opening Ceremony

We have for you a special treat, A recipe for fun! A special blend that can’t be beat In an hour or so it’s done. First you need a super leader Not just anyone you seize One who care, not … Continue reading

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You just might be a Cubmaster if

You just might be a Cubmaster if: You have holes in the pockets of your jeans from carrying a pocket knife. You spontaneously break into strange songs in public. You can stare at a spider web for an hour, and … Continue reading

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