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Canned Laughter

Materials: Empty can with a lid. Directions: When the lid comes off the can, everyone cheers. When the lid goes back on the can, everyone is silent.

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Steal the Bacon

Directions: Split the boys into 2 teams and line them up facing each other Number the boys off on each team (1 on up) Place an object in between the 2 teams. Call a number.  When the number is called, both … Continue reading

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Cannibal Employment

Recently, a large corporation hired several cannibals to increase their diversity. ‘You are all part of our team now’, said the HR rep during the welcoming briefing. ‘You get all the usual benefits and you can go to the cafeteria … Continue reading

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Bake Off Pack Meeting

Directions: Assign each family a dish with specific requirements (cookie, or chili, a certain color, from a different country, with only 3 ingredients, etc.) Set up tables so that the audience is able to sample some of each.  Supply any necessary … Continue reading

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Malt or Soda Neckerchief Slide

Supplies: Disposable communion cup Chenille stem Craft paint Pom-pom slightly larger than top of cup Small piece of drink box straw or coffee stirrer Directions: Punch holes in back of cup Thread in chenille stem for ring. Paint the inside … Continue reading

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A Trip To The Dining Hall Skit

Actions: Cub Scout: Rub tummy and say “hungry, hungry” Dining Hall: Hold tray and say “what’s cookin’?” Knife: Make cutting motion and say “tough stuff” Fork: Make stabbing motion and say “jab, jab, jab” Spoon: Make motion of eating soup … Continue reading

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Cub Scout Garden Ceremony

First, plant five rows of PEAS: Preparedness Promptness Perseverance Politeness Praise Then, plant five rows of LETTUCE: Let us be faithful Let us be unselfish Let us be loyal Let us be truthful Let us help one another Next plant … Continue reading

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Chew, Chew, Chew Your Food

Tune:  Row, Row, Row your boat Words: Chew, chew, chew your food Gently through the meal The more you chew, the less you eat, And the better you will feel.

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