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Bugs Convention

Tune: My Bonnie Words: I went to the garden for mother Some veggies she really did need But something had got there before me And had themselves quite a big feed. Bring back, bring back Oh bring back my veggies … Continue reading

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A White Christmas

Actions: Santa: HO-HO-HO Gardner: HOE, PLOW, HOE White: (sung) I’m dreaming of a White Christmas Story: It’s easy to fall into a routine and forget to change it. That’s just what had happened to Santa’s Christmas deliveries—every year was the same. That was good … Continue reading

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Cub Scout Garden Ceremony

First, plant five rows of PEAS: Preparedness Promptness Perseverance Politeness Praise Then, plant five rows of LETTUCE: Let us be faithful Let us be unselfish Let us be loyal Let us be truthful Let us help one another Next plant … Continue reading

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Growing Carrots (or Cub Scouts) Ceremony

Equipment: A carrot seed  A carrot with top Script: This little carrot seed doesn’t look like much, does it? It’s tiny and fragile. But if we plant it in good soil, and if we make sure that it gets plenty … Continue reading

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