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Footprints Relay

Materials: Heavy cardboard cut into footprints 15” long and 8” wide. (Two per person or team) Note: Game can be played as individuals or as a relay. Directions: Place both footprints one in front of the other.  Step on the first … Continue reading

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Applaud and Cheer

Announce to the group that when you raise your right hand everyone is to applaud; when you raise your left hand everyone is to cheer; when you raise both hands they are to applaud and cheer. Wrap up by raising both … Continue reading

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Applause Clap

The leader divides the participants into two groups. Each group claps only when the leader points to them. Start slowly and build up speed. Wind up by pointing to both groups.

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The Outing

Setting: The Cubmaster is the narrator. He is taking the boys on a nature hike. As the narration is read, the boys pantomime the events (suggested movements below). The Cub Scouts real names may be substituted for those shown below. … Continue reading

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Centipede Race

Equipment: Broom stick Directions: Line up teams of 8, 12, or 16. Have the first four Cub Scouts on each team straddle a broomstick with their left hands grasping the stick. On signal, they run to a designated line, return, … Continue reading

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Submarines and Mines

Directions: Divide into two even numbered groups. Setup a “channel” which the submarines must stay within between a start and finish line. The start to finish line distance can be 15 to 30 feet apart and the channel width is … Continue reading

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Steal the Bacon

Directions: Split the boys into 2 teams and line them up facing each other Number the boys off on each team (1 on up) Place an object in between the 2 teams. Call a number.  When the number is called, both … Continue reading

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Is It Time Yet?

Materials: 1 soup bowl for each Cub Scout minus one 1 spoon for each Cub Scout minus one 1 pot 1 stir spoon for the pot Directions: Have all the boys who are doing the skit sitting in a row (the … Continue reading

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Fruit To Market Game

Equipment: Chairs Baskets (2 per team) Duplicate (1 per team) wrapped objects of different sizes and shapes. (Some suggested articles are a potato peeler, a dish towel, a small bowl, a cup, a carrot, a potato, an onion, etc.) Instructions: … Continue reading

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