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Good Soup

Materials: A large pot Several spoons A floor mop A chef’s hat (optional) Announcer: This scene takes place in the camp Dining Hall. (Several boys are seated around a large pot, sampling the imaginary contents with the spoons.) Cub 1: Boy, … Continue reading

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Is It Time Yet?

Materials: 1 soup bowl for each Cub Scout minus one 1 spoon for each Cub Scout minus one 1 pot 1 stir spoon for the pot Directions: Have all the boys who are doing the skit sitting in a row (the … Continue reading

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Dinner Menu Advancement

Note: This ceremony is written so that any particular award can be used or omitted without impacting the whole of the ceremony. Introduction: Tonight we have a feast to beat all feasts! Come sit at table with me while we … Continue reading

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Tin Foil Recipe Skit

Notes: (You can also have props up front or, even better, have your own Chef Dom DeLouise as a narrator, making the meal as he recites the recipes.) Actions: Tin Foil: “Zip, crinkle, fold” Sausage: “More pork sausages, Mom. Please?” … Continue reading

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