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(A Cub runs on stage with a large ladle in his hand) Q: What do you have there? A: The big dipper. (Another Cub runs on stage with a spoon in his hand) Q: And what do you have? A: … Continue reading

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Greasy, Grimy, Gopher Guts

Tune: The Old Gray Mare Words: Great green gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts, mutilated monkey meat, dirty little pigeon’s feet All mixed up with a pile of poison possum pus and me without my spoon And me without my … Continue reading

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A Trip To The Dining Hall Skit

Actions: Cub Scout: Rub tummy and say “hungry, hungry” Dining Hall: Hold tray and say “what’s cookin’?” Knife: Make cutting motion and say “tough stuff” Fork: Make stabbing motion and say “jab, jab, jab” Spoon: Make motion of eating soup … Continue reading

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