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Winning Isn’t Everything

Some years ago a hard-nosed coach said, “Winning isn’t everything, but it sure beats whatever’s second. ” There’s some truth in that. Everyone likes to win. Very few people enjoy losing. The trouble is that in every type of competition, … Continue reading

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Athlete / Sport Card Match

Directions: Have half of the cards with the names of famous athletes and half of the card with the sport for which they are noted. Hand out the cards as the people walk in and have them find the person … Continue reading

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A Boy

After a male has grown out of long dresses and diapers, and has acquired pants, freckles, and so much dirt, that relatives don’t care to kiss it between meals, it becomes a boy. A boy is nature’s answer to the … Continue reading

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Sports Matching

See how many terms you can match the game it belongs to: Terms: Spare Shell Shuttlecock Fairway Slalom Double fault Eight-ball Chukker Clay pigeon Technical K.O. Jump Shot Puck Double Play Field Goal Headlock Casting Quiver Jack-Knife Oar Figure Eight … Continue reading

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Bowling Pins on Strike

Scout 1: Why did the bowling pins stop working? Scout 2: Why? Scout 1: Because they went on strike!

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A Boxer’s Joke

Q: What is the best part of a Boxer’s joke? A: The PUNCH line.

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