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Tree Quiz

Which tree has the softest wood? Balsa Which tree is shaped like a vase? Elm Which trees are the tallest? Redwood Which trees are the oldest? Sequoia Which tree has a leaf shaped like a mitten? Sassafras Which tree gives … Continue reading

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The Tree Toad

Tune: Auld Lang Syne Lyrics: A tree toad loved a fair she toad That lived up in a tree. She was a fair three-toed tree toad, But a two-toed tree toad was he. The two-toed tree toad tried to win … Continue reading

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That’s My Leaf

Each boy takes a leaf from the same kind of tree and looks at it carefully for one minute. Then put all the leaves in a pile and stir them up together. Can you find your one-of-a-kind leaf? What makes … Continue reading

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What Do We Get?

What to we plant when we plant a tree? We plant a ship, which will cross the sea. We plant the mast to carry the sail. We plant the planks to withstand the gale, The keeps, the keelson, the beam, … Continue reading

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Planted Awards

Cut a branch from a tree and “plant” in a bucket or pot, hang the awards from the tree.

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The Happy Hikers

Note: Before you just start using this as it’s presented, make sure you try it at home and check the time it takes to run all the way through it. If it takes too long, just cut out some of … Continue reading

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The Bear Song

Lyrics: The other day I met a bear Out in the woods Away out there The other day I met a bear Out in the woods Away out there. He looked at me, I looked at him. He sized me up, I sized … Continue reading

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Bear Hunt

Setting: Sit in front of the audience so they can all see everything you do. Script: Would you like to go on a Bear Hunt? OK! Then watch me and do all the things I do and repeat after me all … Continue reading

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Looking For Christmas

Note: As the narrator reads the story, Cub Scouts arrive on stage with the different items being described. Script: Once upon a time, there was a den of Cub Scouts. They decided to find Christmas and bring it back to their Pack Meeting. The … Continue reading

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